Wednesday, April 11, 2012

028 Replies to comments of Mr. Mustafa

mustafa said...

who told u Quran has flaws..not even 1 error has been proven to be true by any scholar of any religion..information available on the internet is often edited or quoted out of context to malign islam and its holy book Quran.You comment on you religion alone and dont compare it to any other religion.

Some religions do not have good reputation for their tolerance of criticism. Hence, no scholar of their own religion or some other religion will point out errors, even if found. Nobody will like to enter muddy ponds.

What intolerant organisations-- religions or any other -- should understand is: Critics benefit them, by showing their flaws and suggesting solutions and even probably helping them in corrections. It is how,  organisations and religions, progress.  Intolerance retards correction of errors and promotes perpetration of traditional errors.  Flatterers of religions, shower praise on face and stab from behind.

It is for the practitioners of Islam to study and understand their scriptures with an impartial mind, and try to get any flaws rectified with the consent of their religious elders and preachers.  If the elders and preachers issue fatwas, there will be a real problem.  Hence few rationalist people in Islam raise their voices, and bear everything dumbly.  Neither will outsiders intervene, even if there is a great need for such intervention. 

However one important thing should not be overlooked

Criticising religious scriptures of all religions in this world, is fraught with grave risk of law and order problems, not only in the country of criticism's origin, but can engulf Nations, Continents, and Worlds.  Hence there is a need for critics and writers to exercise extra care.

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