Sunday, January 15, 2012

027 Is Bhagavad Gita better than Bible?

Question: Is Bhagavad Gita better than Bible?
Answer: We cannot compare sacred books of two different religions. Such comparisons will unnecessarily lead to communal disputes and mutual hatred. Sacred Books are believed by followers of religion out of faith rather than careful reading and analysis. Persons cannot view their sacred books without bias because the family elders, and religious preachers have already etched certain beliefs on the minds of followers when they were children and adolescents. These followers, when they advance and expose themselves to the vagaries of the world, add some more likes and dislikes, either on their volition or on their surrender to penetrations by freinds, preachers and relatives.
We can only make comparisons of substance from an irreligious angle. I am not using the word 'secular', because, in India it has lost its original meaning of unconcernedness with religion and acquired a new meaning of equality to all religions.
When you read the blog posts here, I expressly insist on a promise from you, that you will view things FROM AN IRRELIGIOUS ANGLE. If you are a person who is likely to be hurt by my disclosures, better you leave my blogs. However, I welcome you to post your candid and frank comments even if they are harsh.

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