Sunday, July 29, 2007


1. Arjuna Vishaada YoogaARJUNA'S GRIEF Arjuna expresses his unwillingness to kill Dhartarasht`ras though they harmed him.
2. SANKHYAYOGA TRANSCENDENTAL UNIONSpirit of Life changes bodies like clothes.
3. Karma Yooga ACTIONDischarge prescribed duties without demor.
4. Gnaana YoogaKNOWLEDGEKrishna orates and praises himself.
5. Karma Sanyas YoogaRENUNCIATION OF ACTIONKrishna continues to praise himself. He insists on prescribed duties. BODY ORIENTED SENSATION
6. Aatma Samyama YoogaSELF CONTROLStress on self-regulation and balance of mind.Voracious Eater
7. Vignaana Yooga SUPER KNOWLEDGEKrishna orates and indulges in self praise.
8. Akshara Parabrahma Yooga INDELIBLE SUPER SPIRITI am Supreme!
9. Raaja Vidya Raaja Guhya Yooga SUPREME ART AND SUPREME SECRETWorship me!
10.Vibhuuti Yooga
Krishna explains his attributes. He lists out some physical and absolute attributes and selects the best as his own.
11.Vis`va Ruupa Samdars`ana Yooga
VISION OF THE SUPREME SPIRITKrishna shows his cosmic and universal form, in a gigantic figure. May be with intent to mesmerise Arjuna into surrender. Arjuna surrenders.
12.Bhakti YoogaPATH OF DEVOTIONKrishna preaches: Be my devotee. Practise meditating on me.e is dear to me
13.Ksheetra Ksheetragna Vibhaaga YoogaFIELD AND ITS RESIDENTBody is the field. Spirit is the resident.
14.Gunatraya Vibhaaga Yooga THREE ATTRIBUTE QUALIFICATIONKrishna (Priests) classifies humans into three categories with three qualities. 1. Satva (Capable, forbearing). 2. Rajoo (kingly, lustful, irritable) . 3. Tamoo (ignorant, inactive).
15.Purushoottama Praapti YoogaATTAINMENT OF THE SUPREME SPIRITHow the Human Soul attains the Supreme Spirit.
16.Deeva asura Sampad Vibhaaga Yooga
GODLY AND DEVILISH POSSESSIONSDelineation and classification of possessions and qualities into "Divine" and "Satanic".
17.S`raddhaa traya Vibhaaga Yooga THREE DISPOSITION DELINEATIONTrifurcated classification of human endeavours and interests. Satvic Food
Rajasic Food
Tamasic Food
18.Mooksha Sanyasa Yooga
Krishna explains the link between renunciation of fruits of actions and the deliverance.


paddy said...

Kind sir why do you take it upon yourself to do this big task if not schuttley for name fame and glory. Has anyone requested you? Empty vessel makes the more noise. If one is v poorly he wants to see not the nurse but the real doctor. There are too many enviuos deluded academics sitting in the lap of illusion in their ivory towers.
What is your qualification?
Chapter 4:2 /4:3 vplease see. The subdha (word) is transcendental and only understood by the devotee as God (Krishna) gives the intelligence (bhodhi) and revelation in the heart. Bhagavad Gita has to be understood 'as it is'. No salt, no pepper. It is eternal. There has been over 1000 intepretations to what end but paper waste, written by non practising academics who are oh so proud of their rubber stamped pieces of paper. They do not practice what they preach or lead by example. This is politics at best. Cheaters and cheated, envious.
Read 'Bhagavad Gita as it is' as read by people all over the world who then changed their lives in accordance with what they read....
18.65, 18.67

Yr svt

balaji said...

Why dont u dare to talk about Quran and Bible why do u talk only about Hinduism..U cannot read bible when it crosses 100 pages do u know read it if u can.. Bible completely speaks about nudity why dont u speak about that If u have the real guts my friend..dont jus speak about one religion if ur idealogy is common then apply to all religions if u are speaking only about hinduism then ur idealogy is not common its only a Anti-Hindu idealogy do u understand..